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the person responsible for creating a morass
Does anyone know what morasshole inspired this mess?
#instigator #agitator #fomenter #inciter #mover
by Coop's Dad June 05, 2007
The residue that remains in your teeth during or after eating a meal. Often most pronounced when a piece of lettuce or spinach gets stuck in your teeth after consuming a salad.
Yo Dude, you've got some bugs on the windshield. You may want to get a toothpick or floss to clean up a bit before talking to anyone else.
#crap in your teeth #dirty #messy #embarrassing #sloppy
by Coop's Dad August 23, 2007
The food residue splattered on your shirt after a messy eating experience. Often heard as an accompaniment to "bugs on the windshield."
Wow, nice job eating, dude. Not only do you have bugs on the windshield but you've got turds on the hood too!
#sloppy #messy #careless #slobbery #untidy
by Coop's Dad August 23, 2007
The person who is harassing you.
Can you believe that harasshole? I'm trying to do a good thing and he just won't leave me alone!
#instigator #relentless putz #noodge #douchebag #worst nightmare
by Coop's Dad April 23, 2008
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