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7 definitions by Constromlie

to fake breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend to settle disputes with relatives or friends, usually family
Jenny and I had a fake-up because her Daddy did not like me.
by Constromlie February 04, 2009
an arousal brought about by the enjoyment of McDonald's food
A:I just had a Big Mac and now my dick feels like corn.
B:I would call that a McBoner.
by constromlie December 10, 2008
combination of sweep and mop, it's an attempt to pick up all of the dirt on the floor with just the mop to skip the step of sweeping.
Manager:Are you going to clean the floor soon?
Employee:I'll make it quick and smop it up.
Manager:It better not look like crap!
by constromlie November 23, 2008
attention deficit... in high definition! Now you can see everything that's wrong with me! psych no, it's attention-span shattering television with great picture quality.
I watch ADHD TV in my living room for hours on end.
by constromlie August 28, 2008
a worker who is so busy that he/she does not hear his/her surroundings
Person A:I can't get Dan's attention.
Person B:That's because he's deaf and diligent.
by constromlie November 12, 2008
Retarded Ignorant Mother Fucker; an idiot or likewise
People think I'm a RIMF when I do dumb shit.
by constromlie August 23, 2008
one who constantly talks nonsense; overtalkative moron
I can't understand a thing this ra-ra is saying. It's like he's speaking some other language.
by constromlie August 28, 2008