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Muslim- a follower/believer of the religion of Islam. Muslims leave normal lives like you and I, only they are more strict on certain subjects. Like many other races, muslims are often misunderstood to be terrorists/anti-semitics/anti-christian/anarchists/anti-american. Most muslims do not commit acts of terrorism. Due to the actions of a few bad muslims, they have singlehandedly created a sterotypical image of a muslim: a towel headed, fanatical, suicidal, pyshcopath. They are one of the most misunderstood people on earth. Many people say that if we kill all the muslims, then there would be no more terrorists activities. That is genocide, and it would makes us no better than the nazis. Many of the things we use today are from muslim decent. Like coffee, algebra,and the concept of zero.
by CommradeKhan May 24, 2003

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