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A troll who posts messages that are designed to inflame and anger a community, thereby serving as an effigy or representation that people can curse at, argue against or ridicule, when in fact that trolling poster doesn't really exist in real life.
Man, these white guys are really bashing this effitroll who claims he's a black dude who claims all white people are racists who deserve to rot in hell.
by CommandereON May 11, 2012
The most popular way of verifying unconfirmed facts, rumors, and unproven assertions by anyone. If it's in Google, then it might have merit. Although, it should be noted that reading the actual articles is completely different from just reading the search results and webpage titles, so the facts might still remain unconfirmed.
I just Google-and-confirmed it, the search results say that Justin Bieber is, as a matter of fact, gay.

Groupie Fan Girl: No way! You just checked the search results and didn't read the articles, it's not true!
by CommandereON May 06, 2012

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