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4 definitions by Colt

White person that keeps it real.
I'm a "real ass cracker"
by Colt February 15, 2003
A muffin fucker or some one who fucks any dutch made pastry good.
Hey muffin fucker your a fuck muffin, yea i showd you, you muffin fetish freak!
by colt November 18, 2004
an black persons car.olny white people that have a escalade are wankster.thay should have a hummer.!!!!
olny gay people buy a escalade!!!!
by colt March 10, 2005
When your lying naked with your girl in
bed and you decide to roll all over her fully erect
yelling "I'm a Steamroller" "I'm going to roll all over you"
while laughing hysterically.
Last night my boyfriend and me were lying in bed, and I had a hard on, so I steamrolled him.
by colt January 06, 2004