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14 definitions by Colonel Turdburglar

To insert one's finger into another's well lubricated anal or vaginal orifice, imitating the rocking motion of conventional sex. See also fingerbang.
"Billy fingerfucked Amy's bung so hard that crap shot out!"
by Colonel Turdburglar July 22, 2005
A large, floppy dong.
"As I turned my Meat Bat toward Polaris,
A Ray of Light shone down on It from the Heavens,
As if the Gods themselves were in awe of It's large, bulbous nature.
It was still glistening from her Juices,
And pulsating in anticipation of the next Encounter.
And I thought to myself,
All is Good, all is Good."
(Translated from an ancient Aramaic text, thought to have been written circa 600 B.C.)
by Colonel Turdburglar September 11, 2005
A woman's cooter, punani, or twat.
"I poked her funhole until she came so hard she crapped herself."
by Colonel Turdburglar July 22, 2005
A woman who is constantly scratching her dirty stinkhole due to a case of chronic persistent chlamydia. Unclean women who are promiscuous are generally at a high risk, including prostitutes, tunabitches, Paris Hilton, and other pickle ticklers.
"Damn dude, I can smell that clam digger's musky emanation, and I think I'm gonna drop a vom bomb. Damn!"
by Colonel Turdburglar July 22, 2005
The orifice from which dung is ejected or discharged.
"I kicked that fucker in the dungus so hard his shoes fell off!"
by Colonel Turdburglar July 27, 2005
A medical term, from the Latin meaning "massive, uncontrolled hair growth, usually limited to the Nether regions and gooch area, but sometimes found to extend up to the lower or mid-abdomen."
Her Pubis Maximus was as dense and moist as a South Vietnamese jungle; nevertheless, I went down on her like a champ and gave her a furious tongue lashing. Sacre Bleu!
by Colonel Turdburglar September 11, 2005
The ultimate defense in the game of basketball. As an offensive player goes to make a shot, a defensive player reaches down the back of his shorts and gets a finger load of some juicy buttsauce and slathers a dollop across the upper lip of the one taking a shot, resulting in something similar to a dirty sanchez. The slathered one then begins to vomit profusely and with great vigor, rendering him ineffective for the next several minutes.
"She gave that other player a crack 'n sniff so juicy and smelly that she started to cry."
by Colonel Turdburglar August 25, 2005