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an idiot - "Pill-Lock"
Look at that tablet security device, he can't drive
by colley301279 August 22, 2007
someone who uses their hand to satisfy themselves - "Wanker"
Dad, in front of kids - "That Prime Minister is a proper hand operative"
by colley301279 August 22, 2007
The art of being a minger and associating with mingas
"Just look at that mingra, shes got her knickers round her ankles"
by Colley301279 August 01, 2007
To pass an extremely large turd, to the point of tears and ripping.

Comes From "to shit a wardrobe"
"Somebody help me, after last nights beerfest I've just dropped an MFI and now my rectums prolapsed"
by Colley301279 August 02, 2007

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