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Greatestjournal is a kickass online journaling site that goes faster than livejournal and doesn't have near all the teenies and assholes. most commonly known as "gj" when two greatestjournal users are talking about it.
I just got a new greatestjournal, it's so much better than livejournal
by colleen March 10, 2005
The thing that gets evey party, social gathering off to the right start; a toast where someone puts a fist in the air and counts off for 5 seconds while everyone chugs their beer. Usually repeated many times through the night
"Let's do a 5 count!!!"

"Oh man, that 5 count just killed me!"
by Colleen September 08, 2004
used to get on with the conversation when someone is talkin about somethin that doesnt need to be talked about and iz annoyin cuz a bitch ass trick is trying to make u feel stupid about somethin.
bitch: "yeah girl and i was with donte last night and he was talkin bout how he never wanted to be with you.."
gangsta: "NEWAYZ!!..'
by Colleen April 19, 2004
when you enter two words into google.com and you only get one result.
scadly ventures
by colleen February 06, 2004
A word a stupid blonde girl says
like I made amber look bad infront of tod.....scandallis
by Colleen December 28, 2003
okay, i made this word up...but it means wanna-be mexican.. pronounce "wick-er".
U stupid wikker!
by Colleen July 02, 2004
it's when your balls are big and saggy. Anyway, you guys got the rhyme wrong both times.
Do your balls hang low do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier? Do your balls...hang...low?
by Colleen March 26, 2003

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