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A small public high school on the east coast, known better as ghetto mills. Has a generally bad football team and a horrid boys soccer team. Still, they are far better than Leonardtown High School.
"Bet you can't wait to go to Great Mills next year, eh son?"
"Can I get a kevlar vest, dad?"
by ColdVantage January 04, 2005
A creepy animal that is one of the primary enemies of Winnie the Pooh. Visions of the creature, which is somewhat of an elephant looking thing, are usually credited to drugs and excessive eating of Rabbit's mushrooms.
"Oh bother. Rabbit, I ate some of your mushrooms and those little sugar pills. My rumbly tumbly hurts, and I'm scared I'll be attacked by a woozle."
by ColdVantage January 05, 2005
A screenlooker is anyone who on a multiplayer shooter looks at another player's screen to identify their location and frag them as many times as possible. An example game is Halo 2.
"Dude how the freak did you just kill me?"
"I'm just really good."
"Damn screenlooker."
by ColdVantage January 04, 2005
A term used to vulgarly describe the beauty of an attractive female. Generally used by young males describing young women.
"Hey man that girl has some serious bonability."
"Yeah man... I would just-"
"Ok, I got cha, bra."
by ColdVantage February 21, 2005
Shitarific is slang for something that is so shitty, it is almost good. Almost.
"Did you see that movie Gigli?"
"No, why?"
"That crap was shitarific!"
by ColdVantage February 21, 2005
The sound made during an especially powerful pimp slap or bitch slap.
"Where is my money, ho?"
"I don't have it, you ****er!"
KA-POW! (pimp slap)
by ColdVantage January 05, 2005
Iganhaven is an expression that signifies many things, primarily anger and shock. Comparable to geez and sheesh. It is also one of the best milkshake recipe sites on the web.
1. Expression
"Those guys better not drop that..."
2. Website
"Hey where did you learn to make such good milkshakes?"
"Iganhaven.com. Duh..."
by ColdVantage January 04, 2005
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