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A more humoress version of the term blue balls where a man is stimulated without being able to get off. Happens to all Smurfs that don't get lucky with Smurfette.
When Bob tried to get lucky with Suzy, he wasn't able to relieve himself and was left with Smurfticles.
#blue balls #smurffticles #smurf ticles #smurfs #smurfette
by Codj53 May 29, 2011
When someone comes up with a geeky and/or nerdy statement.
When Bob reminded us of Star Wars, he had a nerd moment.

Tom had a nerd moment when he described what an Iguanodon was, word for word, in precise detail.
#nerd #geek #spaz #dork #moment #nerdgasm
by Codj53 April 27, 2011
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