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A person who is a midget and also a retard. Or, a person who may not be a midget, but acts like a retarded midget
"awww, look at that funny little midgetard"
"you loser, you're such a midgetard"
by Cocksucker December 17, 2003
origin: idaho
1: man with the unfortunate mishap of having straw stuck up his
2. a penis that runs dry and is brittle and yellow as straw
hey, what are you doing over there strawcock? you know you can't chew on that.
by cocksucker July 29, 2004
When you have only urself to play around with ur cock
The kid is such and OreGrind
by CockSucker December 21, 2002
The clan "Hard as Shit" Fom CS.
J Masta is in HAS.
by Cocksucker November 18, 2003

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