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3 definitions by CobraBytez

(1) throwupmobile as in throwing up for every occasion
Damn that baby barfed on me again.

- a coin drops blaaaahhhhh
- a car drives by blaaaaahh
- a hobo asks for money - blaaaaahhh
by CobraBytez December 01, 2003
36 31
1) To be perfect at something or to be neat and tidy
2) To be a perfectionist
"Thats scruptillious work Johnson"
by CobraBytez November 27, 2003
5 1
To suggust to someone that they shut up and get out of your goddam sight before you kill them for saying stupid things.
usually incorporates shaking of the fist.
Person1: Do you have any eggos?
Person1: Where's my eggo
person2: get off my tv *shakes fist*
by CobraBytez November 27, 2003
5 13