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Referring to the city of Dis, from Dante's levels of hell. The city of Dis is the level of hell to which all non-believers, who have not otherwise sinned greatly, will go. The city is surrounded by a field containing countless numbers of burning coffins, in which the heretics lie, screaming. Limbs from non-believers are scattered around the plains, and the city itself is surrounded by thick iron walls.
The city of Dis is populated by the dead non-believers.
by CloutierFan02 June 16, 2004
Term used to describe a guy who somehow has landed an incredibly hot girl that is out of his league. The guy does not necessarily have to be ugly or have any sort of glaring flaws for this term to apply, however.
You lucky fuck, you.
by CloutierFan02 January 02, 2005
Best Buy owned chain of electronics stores in Canada that rewards workers who disobey convention and screw around talking about the latest Britney Spears albums while they're supposed to be working, yet punishes hard working employees for being late once.

Store managers are also known to give employees instructions that are in violation of obvious safety signs placed near equipment in the warehouse.

This chain is a great place to go if you enjoy being heckled and pushed by salespeople who know nothing about the products they are supposedly experts about, and are overly concerned about pushing stupid sales plans on people, which anyone who doesn't drop kick the product the instant after getting home does not need.
Going to Future Shop? Save yourself the time and just give money to beggars on the street. At least beggars aren't trying to hide the fact that they aren't doing anything.
by CloutierFan02 January 02, 2005
Lying, cheating, stealing, bluffing, etc, in an obvious yet difficult to defeat manner. Usually everyone is aware of this type of bullshit when it occurs, but cannot stop it due to the fact that people using it usually are in a position of power, ie managers, marketing reps, etc.

This is opposed to the new type of bullshit which is much more common these days, in which one tries to be as low key and stealthy as possible.
John, your reason for hiring your brother was some plain old fashioned bullshit and you know it.
by CloutierFan02 January 05, 2005
Cheap internet whore who leads someone to believe that she loves them and wants to have a relationship but in reality just seeks "computer boyfriends" who lavish her with attention. When she becomes bored of her current one, ie he becomes too serious about the relationship/becomes too involved in terms of his life, she gets rid of him and moves onto the next person.

Tell tale signs of if you've encountered her are if she begins to talk about how she lives with her ex-fiance who still wants to marry her, despite the fact that they broke off their engagement in 1995 but stopped having sex 1 year before you begin talking with her. Another sign is that she tells you you're the first person that she has feelings for over the internet.

If encountering her, flame her as much as possible. That's the only self defence.
Man, that pensy is one e-whore. She deserves to die.
by CloutierFan02 March 18, 2004

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