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Without W3C there would be no Internet. Possibly the greatest people on Earth.

They have saved millions many hour sof having to jack off to imaginery porn in their heads.

Also invented HTML, the basis of all internet code.
W3C have saved my life.
by Cloud November 23, 2004
One who obsessively tries to see how many "friends" they can acquire on websites with a "friending" feature such as LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, DeadJournal, Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue and other alike websites and message boards with such a function.
"I added three hundred people to my buddy list on LiveJournal!" said the friendwhore.
"You're a friendwhore!" replied the non-friendwhore.
by Cloud March 07, 2005
The only place where you can buy fake viagra tablets, and fake memorobillia.
Man 1: Hey, I just sold that 10kilo of viagra tablets I had in the garage!
Man 2: How much did it go for?
Man 1: £600.00
Man 2: Dude, where is my pellets of rabbit shit?
Man 1: On the FedEX plane to Afganistan...
Man 2: .......
by Cloud July 20, 2004
The people who always tell you that "Restarting your computer" will always solve the problem.

And when they do have to go further than that, they just keep arguing with you about your own PC. I hate them.
Larry: Hi Microsoft, my PC has just been hacked and my hard drive has veen deleted and now my PC won't turn on.

MSC: This can be easily resolved. Restart your computer.

Larry: How, it won't turn back on?

MSC: Press the power button


MSC: We will not argue with you sir. Call back when you are experiencing technical difficulties on a higher level.

Larry: I'm going to blow up Your support centre.

MSC: Is that a virus?

*Larry hangs up*
by Cloud November 14, 2004
The lamest ISP ever created, crashes all the time, and has the most annoying representive mascot thing, "Connie"

Yeah, damn right its a CONnie, also tend to send you discs every other week, which can be easily snapped and made into a mass murdering knife thing, therefore provoking violence.
Mum did not create AOL
by Cloud July 20, 2004
A famous line by the group Happatai, who sung the world famous Yatta! song.
Nippon Q Q
Ashtala Wonderful!!
by Cloud November 16, 2004
A word of happyness. used often online (and alot on b3ta.com)
person 1:I just completed Burnout3
person 2:Woo yay
by Cloud November 03, 2004

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