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The tendency of "bisexuals" to eventually go all gay, especially men. Can also describe the tendency of "bisexuals" to "bigrate" to L.A.

"Yeah, I knew it," said Sarah. "The minute he said he wanted to be with men too I knew he'd go all gay. It's the usual bigratory pattern."

by Clintacus August 15, 2006
a.D.O.R. stands for "A Distant Open Relationship"

It has multiple meanings, as it sounds like "A Door" and "Adore", each of which are relevant to the meaning (an opening that can be open or closed, and lavishing attention on something)

Somewhere between a friends with benefits and an open relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend, a.D.O.R. is someone you have a romantic relationship with frequently but not exclusively. The "Distance" can be either as a result of a desire for independence or geographic distance that allows for coupling outside the relationship but doesn't weaken the passion of your interludes with that one person, similar to polyamory.

Differs from open relationships in that partners are not technically dating and isn't a friend with benefits because you are more passionate/romantic than is typical of that definition.
Gary: "I don't get it, you guys have awesome passion for each other, get along great why don't you just call it what it is?"

Al: "I do, we're a.D.O.R. We do what we want, and when we come together, it's amazing."
by Clintacus March 17, 2009
When you have 50/50 odds that something could turn out just fine or be really, really awful, and you go on doing it anyway, you are taking a risk that you could be "eating the horse's sperm". Typically refers to sex acts, but not always.

From the Family Guy episode "Family Gay" in which Peter buys a retarded horse and fills the refrigerator with the horse's sperm to begin breeding it. He reveals it to the family while Stewie eats his cereal. He first looks shocked, then narrows his eyes and continues eating....

(Look up "Milky Surprise" at Hulu for the clip)

If you end up with the awful result, you can then said to have gotten the "milky surprise" (taken from the name of the clip at Hulu).
Steve: "So, I found out midway through the date that she is on drugs for being crazy, but I was hungry for companionship so I decided to risk eating the horse's sperm and took her home."

Heather: "And four month's later how's that working out for ya'?"

Steve: "Well I've had more than a few milky surprises. Bitch be crazy."
by Clintacus February 07, 2010
The combination of feelings experienced when one is observing an event, thing or person that inspires a combination of tender feelings and regurgitation ('Aww' and 'vomit')
"Would you look at those two, always sending little love notes through Facebook where we can all see them swooning and fawning over each other...I just have to suppress my awwmit."
by Clintacus November 10, 2009
The technical term for a gay drama queen. Specifically, a gay drama queen that invents intentionally self-inflicted painful situations for the sheer thrill of having something to be overly emotional about.

Hence "hyper" for energetic, "homo" for gay, "sadomasochistic" for the joy of inflicting pain on one's self or another, and "histrionic" for overly dramatic.
"Man, I can't believe Chad got so involved with that biker drug user. Now he's sitting around bitching and whining and looking for attention and expecting us all to feel sorry for hiim."

"Yeah I know, he's so hyperhomosadomasochistrionic."


"A big ol' drama queen."

"Oh, yeah, totally, but he does it to himself!"
by Clintacus November 19, 2009

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