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16 definitions by Cliff Whitty

A Catholic individual, typically poorly catechised, from the Latin Rite or other. Said Catholic will pick and choose what he chooses to believe in in regards to the faith. Typically they will deny or mutilate revealed truths in order to justify their sinful lifestyles.
John is a cafeteria Catholic, he believes in the Magesterium but he thinks women should be allowed to be ordained.
by Cliff Whitty July 09, 2006
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Methodism is a rejection of Calvinism.
Methodism is the rejection of Calvinism, the rejection of Lutheranism, the rejection of Catholicism
by Cliff Whitty March 22, 2006
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A main character in a piece of performing art. Examples include: In opera, any singer with a primary part; in ballet, a soloist or pair of soloists.
They are usually overpaid when compared to the exceeding amount of work put in by the chorus of an opera. Sure theyve got talent since they are singing in a freaking opera by themselves, but that is their job. Chorus members usually have other jobs outside of the opera.
There is also undue credit in many circumstances. A member of a chorus was once selected for a principle part. Suddenly she thought she was hot shit because she said 2 lines of libretto alone. She got a photo in the Playbill and a short bio. The rest of the choristers got their name in once and 100 dollar check at the end of the show.
"Hmm. Your B flat was a little TOO flat Id say, you should practice more."
"You know what Gloria, Ive waited a month to tell you this, but your shit doesnt stink any less than mine. You couldnt hit a B flat even if you were lipsynching you turkey-necked fatball. You need to be a fucking team player because the rest of the chorus applauds for all the principles at curtain call, even you. BITCH"
"Yea Im still working on that"
by Cliff Whitty June 17, 2006
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An Africaans word for 'shit', or perhaps it was spelled dood.
Do not call someone 'dude' in South Africa.
Shit = dude = scatos = mierda = merde
by Cliff Whitty June 20, 2006
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Internet shorthand for England.
I hope E-land wins the world cup.
by Cliff Whitty June 15, 2006
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A really awesome classics resource, the only problem is it's never running right.
Professor: Cliff, why haven't you been to class for the past month?
Cliff: Sorry, Perseus hasn't been running straight, how do I get my translations?
Professor: Fair enough.
by Cliff Whitty April 16, 2007
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One of these applies to you:
1. You are an atheist looking to further your atheism (and you are offended by theism), thus you looked up atheism.
2. You are a theist, therefore you looking to further your theism (and you are offended by atheism), thus you looked up atheism
John is an atheist therefor he wants to learn more about it.
Jack is a theist therefor he wants to learn more about atheism.

Moral of story...learn stuff.
by Cliff Whitty August 20, 2006
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