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Female retaliation to the Donkey Punch

After I Donkey Punched John's wife, she delivered an almost pleasant mule kick to my genitalia.
by Cletus&Cooter April 02, 2003
A rotund whore normally found in the third stall of the ladies room sleeping, masturbating, shooting heroin or her favorite SUCKING JEROMES BALLS.
Hey kevin, did you see were the fatassalbright went? Yes, she is in third stall. Oh I should have none,(lazy whore)
by cletus&cooter August 04, 2003
Fond of roadkill and tractors. Easily provoked by the color black. Sexually attracted to sheep and constipated boy like office personnel. Travels with chickens and discarded cans of busch beer in the back of it's rusted out truck.
The red necked Gifford was spotted mounting Beth from behind will making her scream "Baaaaaa, sheer me you naughty farm boy!"
by cletus&cooter August 01, 2003
One out of three children born with a working brain.
Hey, did you see two thirds today, or is he helping his sister off of the short bus?
by cletus&cooter August 01, 2003
a very old, stinky crone with three breasts and extremely long underarm hair. Often seen in Tank tops. It makes noises like a rooster being castrated.
After seeing the three breasted Eagle monster, I seared my retinas with a fat joint to purge her from my eye's and memory.
by cletus&cooter August 01, 2003
Meaningless, boring chatter pouring out of the cock holster of a frumpy, fat assed blonde chick.
I was cornered by the giggling hyena this morning with a 45 minute LesLeeism. We then had to give the cunt a stupid Leslee to shut her the fuck up. (see stupid Leslee)
by cletus&cooter August 01, 2003
Oversized growth extended up from the shoulders of Shawn Eby, where his head would of gone had he been born human. Or not the product of a sick scientific experiment cross breeding a potato with Billy Joel's sperm.
"Oh my God mommy, what is that" Look away from the awful, mutated potato head before it burns your eyes.
by Cletus&Cooter April 02, 2003

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