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The most independent state in the world, because nothing depends on it.
Nothing depends on Mongolia.
by Claque May 07, 2005
No, it's pronounced as "Soyuz Sovetskih Socialisticheskih Respublik".
USSR, naturally.
I'm back in CCCP. dunno how lucky you pee, boy...
by Claque May 11, 2005
A duet with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder you can find on MJ's classic album BAD.
If They Ask Her
Tell 'Em That We're
Just Good Friends . . .
Dah! Chika-Chika-Chika-Ah!
by Claque July 12, 2004
Another way to say "plethora"
I saw pluthera of tourists in St.Petersburg.
by Claque July 12, 2004
An old transsexual, a victim of plastic surgeons.
Oh my god, (s)he is still alive!
by Claque April 14, 2005
a tiny country in Europe where human rights are violated.
Latvia should be kicked out of European Union, because of human rights violation.
by Claque April 14, 2005
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