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Something that is ridiculous to the max.
Rick Fortin:"Yo man i'm going to fuck her ass!"
Brian:"Sheeeeet..... that's redonkulous dude"
by Clake July 21, 2006
A trick nigga. Meaning that your not niggerish.
Yo dude you's a mad trigga.
by Clake July 11, 2005
An Extremely voluptuous woman\dime\bitch. She can also be falacious. Meaning she enjoys long suckings of penis.
Fortin:" Dude you see Amber Hancock?!"
Yusuf:" Yeah she's a mad bitty!"
Yusuf:" Let's rape her!"
by Clake August 22, 2005
Bitch nigga. Some one who tries to be a nigga but is really queer.
Yo Cull Cull you's a bigga.
by Clake July 11, 2005
A negative name for the Sex Box 360. I give it this name because it is inferior to the PS3 and sadly to the Nintendo Revolution. Also people partake in this silly machine because they are all followers who can't think for themselves.
Corey:" Yo Jay that Sex Box 360 was such a waste of money dude. I mean cmon look inside I took a crap in it."

Jay:" Well for the crap... I already consumed that and now I am going to kill myself with Tapioka pudding for my sin of purchasing the Sex Box!"

Corey:" Cool! Can I watch?!"
by Clake January 02, 2006

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