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To Remove inferior and useless friends from one's Facebook friends list. Typically fake friends and fremies who one doesn't want stalking them are removed.
"I culled that idiot from my friends list"
by The Defining Wordsmith's son March 29, 2009
To kill off a certain number of people or animals to acheive the desired number.
The government culls off those who resist being brainwashed by its propaganda.

The rancher had to cull back his herd by 500 cattle during the drought.
by AYB April 06, 2003
Either the verb (to cull) or the acronym CULL (C U Later, Loser). Typically used when reverting your friends list on facebook to contain only those people you actually know and talk to.
Some of my so called friends on facebook only sent me an add to bump up their numbers - CULL time!!

All that girl does is whine on her status every 5 minutes, clogging up my home page. She needs culling!
by Porohea July 18, 2010
To vigorously lick female genitilia with the intent of "digging to china" generally an action of someone who is socially awkward or not cool
Dude I heard she got culled last night by that Johnny kid.
by Fratmoves21 December 18, 2014
A Rude,Obnoxious,Stupid Person (Southern Slang)

Usually after consuming large quantities of alcohol, good ole boys change into Culls, yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs(hog calls, rebel yells, Yee Haw, Yee Haw(The Southern Call of the Idiot) Bad Culls get physical like dancing out of control like stomping around and flailing your arms all over the place like a spastic. or fighting and then falling down and passing out and then throwing up. Then waking up and doing it all over again.
Not remembering what they did the next day.
From the verb to cull(to remove shells from peanuts, to sift through vegetables and throw away the rotten ones
Billy Bob is a bad Cull.
by Mookie Bison July 20, 2007
the last name of a super fly baller whos mind is set on sex, drinking, and weed. someone who is musically talented at the piano and flute.

ex. cull is bommmmmb tinnnngs. :)
i love herrr !
by SUPERFLY00100 March 31, 2009
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