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A jewish douchebag.
Man 1: Hey bro, did Jacob call you back

Man 2: No bro

Man 3: Damn, he is such a doucheberg
by syrianman December 17, 2011
1. When somebody seems like a douche at first, but then is proven to be an even bigger douche than expected
2. Someone who hides 90% of their douchiness under their exterior
3. A jewish douche
1. Dude, he's such a doucheberg. I knew he was a douche, but I didn't think he was this bad!
by Vinnythed September 07, 2013
A doucheberg is a guy (or sometimes girl) who seems like an awesome, thoughtful, sensitive person on the surface, but underneath they're a ginormous, iceberg-sized douchebag. You usually don't find out until it's too late.

A special kind of douchebag that resembles an iceberg in its douchiness.
Girl 1: I went out with Paul last night, what a gentlemen! I think I'll got out with him again.

Girl 2 (who knows Paul): Yeah, be warned, that's just the tip of the doucheberg...he's probably acting like that so you'll sleep with him.
by HarleyQuinnFTW March 21, 2012
Someone whom upon your first impression is generally positive, but over time, gets worse the more you get to know them. Like, an iceberg, most of their douchiness is concealed, but becomes more and more apparent the more you see them.
"Mike seemed like a really cool guy when we met, but the constant bitching and moaning is really annoying. I just don't think I can see him anymore after he shat on my living room rug."
"What a douche berg."
by whaWHApopPOP December 16, 2011
like a douche bag, only x a million. A iceberg made of douche.

**Originated when I tried to say douche bag and iceberg at the same time. don't even ask about the conversation.
"dude joe is a total douche berg. I just saw him make out with his girlfriends mom, and then her sister."
by p.pizzle October 24, 2005
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