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1.When you fart while blowing your load. Usually followed up by uncontrollable giggles. Especially when your girl is down in that area
2. One of the best feelings ever, especially if its a whopper of a fart
1. Dude: Oh yeah baby you take it...here I come!! *FART!* ooooh yeeeah
Girl: Oh my god it smells so bad! This is terrible!
Dude: Best ejacufart ever!
2. While Franklin masterbated in bed he released an incredible fart that resonated through the house. Franklin was never the same after
by CindahBlock November 20, 2007
a tiny little audible fart.

a fart that has been hyped up as a big one but disappoints

when someone forces a fart out and it makes a quick but audible noise, usually has the onomateopiec sound ERNT!

an accidental poop halfway through a fart
Peter: Guys I have to fart so bad listen to this!....ERNT!
Dylan: Peter that was a little birdfart

I shouldn't have drank so much last night, when I woke up I birdfarted all the way to the bathroom
by CindahBlock September 12, 2007
When someone is being a huge douche and acting like a queen. Or if a girl is being a douche but you don't want to call her a cunt
Dude1: I'm going to get some scented candles for tonight and you have to clean up and stop playing NHL08!
Dude2: Man your being such a goddamn douchequeen!

Girl: You have to clean up this mess or there will be consequences
Dude: (under his breath) Fuckin' douchequeen!
by CINDAHBLOCK October 28, 2007
a quick and audible fart aka a bird fart. the only noise it makes is 'Ernt'. Sometimes happens whilst sitting on a stool, trying to force a big one out, having to fart so bad that no matter how hard you try to hold it in you accidently let a little one go
Peter: I've been so gassy after Smugglers that I have a huge fart....ERNT!

Girl: Oh Trevor lets have sexual relations
Trevor: uuuh...ok ERNT!

Peter: Here comes a huge fart...ERNT!
Dylan: That was a bird fart!
by CindahBlock September 12, 2007

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