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The testosterone-driven opposite of a "chick flick". Generally contains lots of car chases, explosions, and boobs.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 14, 2003
An abstract concept that is often made reference to by fundementalist fuckmuppets as a way to condemn working mothers, gay people, single parents, sex education, and anything else that wasn't on "Leave In To Beaver".
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 09, 2003
Warning labels placed on CDs that are deemed to be offensive by a group of white Christian grandmothers.
Wal-Mart will sell guns but it won't sell albums with a Tipper sticker, 'cos it's okay for kids to have weapons as long as they don't listen to music with dirty words.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 13, 2003
A annoying heterosexual female who pretends to be bi because it gives equally annoying heterosexual males a boner.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 13, 2003
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