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A very young and sweet boy, usually drawn in an anime or manga style. Can be used to describe a boy drawn in a Western style or a real boy too.. although a real shota boy should be over 18, of course.

Comes from the Japanese term shota (itself derived from 'shotacon' or Shotaro Complex), meaning hentai involving young boys. A shota boy, then, literally means a boy who would be suitable for shota, or a boy you would like to see in shota.
"Ed and Al from Full Metal Alchemist, and most of the kids from Young Justice are definately shota boys."
by Ciepher May 14, 2006
1. When your pocket rocket prepares to blast off to planet poontang.

2. To gather the secondary xylem of trees and shrubs.
1. "I can't get wood."

2. "I can't get wood - we're in a desert."
by Ciepher May 14, 2006
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