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3 definitions by Cider

Having the ability or tendency to look good even when covered in sweat, dirt, overly practical/plain clothes, guts, or whatever life throws at you.

Carrying off the rough-and-tumble look, as opposed to looking like crap after doing something strenuous or dirty.
The opposite of 'cleans up nice'.
Most of the people on The Walking Dead dirty up nice - they look sexy even smeared in sweat, blood, guts and dirt.

She looked gorgeous at the prom, but I saw her after dirt biking: unbelievably, she dirties up nice too.
by cider December 30, 2013
The lazy, but polite expression for unfavourable affairs.
"Bolx this small child just peed on me and I can't be bothered to wash my trousers."
by Cider June 10, 2005
When she lays there like a limp noddle
Man, baby was tired that I got me a big portion of lazy bitch helper
by Cider December 16, 2002