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A habitual user of marijuana who does not conform to the common stereotypes; a regular pot user who does not refer to him or herself as a pothead.
Usually distinguished from a stoner in that the THC enthusiast has a job, goals, and art on their walls portraying something other than Bob Marley.
Person who doesn't grasp the difference: "You smoke every day? You're such a stoner/pothead/burnout/loser."
Person who does: "What do you mean? I have a degree and a better job than yours. I'm not some filthy hippie, I'm just a THC enthusiast."
by Cicero's Assassin October 20, 2007
An online current events and culture magazine currently owned by the Washington Post. Slate features a wide variety of columns and articles (The Explainer, Dear Prudence, The Green Lantern) as well as a number of blogs such as The XX Factor and Kausfiles. Slate is known for its humorous, often irreverent style, and has acknowledged its own liberal bias and contrarian tendencies. Often highlights events and legislation which are largely passed over by the mainstream newsmedia. Originally adopted a "liberal hawk" stance on the US invasion of Iraq, but has since become increasingly critical of the occupation's management. Slate updates continuously with new articles and features added throughout the week.
I read a great article on Slate the other day about Parliament and the afronaut movement.
by Cicero's Assassin July 10, 2008
The hand maintained by a cat owner who is allergic to cats. The cat owner must be careful to use the cat hand only for touching the cats or risk a terrible allergic reaction. Hand washing will return the cat hand to regular-hand status.
Guy 1: Dude, what happened to your face? Did you get stung by a bee? Like, in the eyeball?
Guy 2: Nah, I just had an itch and accidentally scratched with my cat hand.
by Cicero's Assassin October 21, 2007
Pronounced "plan to".
A planned sex partner. Often a person from out of town, with whom one has not actually slept but "plans to" upon one's next visit.
Guy 1: I haven't had sex in months.
Guy 2: Should I tell that skank to come talk to you?
Guy 1: Nah, it's cool. I'm visiting my hometown soon, and I have a planto I can take to a hotel room if I get desperate.
by Cicero's Assassin November 14, 2007
A modern-day ailment unique to the exceptionally well-informed, especially as pertains to followers of current events. Those afflicted with source fatigue suffer the inability to name a direct source for something they bring up in conversation. In most cases the afflicted will emphasize their certainty that they are quoting a reliable source, although they cannot name a specific one.
Joe: "I saw the funniest news story today. A squirrel chewed into a power line, burst into flames, then fell down directly onto a new car. It rolled into the engine and blew the car up. I think it broke my ability to laugh."
John: "No way. Uh-uh. Where did you read that?"
Joe: "Oh, it was... um... I think it was from NPR or something. Or, um. Maybe... uh, Fark? No, no, I think it came in my email. Or... huh. Shit. I'm not sure, but I know it was for real.
John: Sounds like a bad case of source fatigue.
by Cicero's Assassin October 20, 2007
Another name for the dreaded "red circle of death" error light associated with the Xbox 360.
Directly translates from French as "the red circus".
A neologism attributed to Tycho from Penny Arcade.
Gamer 1: Why weren't you gaming last night?
Gamer 2: I don't know what happened. I saw Le Cirque Rouge, then a puff of smoke, and my Xbox was done for.
by Cicero's Assassin August 29, 2007
A heavy, preferably steel-toed pair of boots you keep in your car for the occasions when you need to stomp a buster.
Much like opening a can of whoop ass.
See also hater boots.
I caught some punk keying my car, so I strapped on my buster boots.
by Cicero's Assassin August 29, 2007
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