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The apocalyptic advent of zombies.
The first thing you should do in a zombpocalypse is to get our of cities and heavily populated areas.
by Mary of D-Town November 12, 2006
1) The apocalyptic end of days involving the rise of zombies, and death of most of mankind.
2) The rapture involving all of Christianity. When God calls the good souls home, the world will be filled with zombies.
Thanks to the government the zombpocalypse has happened.
by NON-PRACTICAL October 17, 2010
1 The impending time when the dead will rise from their sleep to devour the living.

2 A party or uni class where you are urrounded by dull, lifeless types.
My cousin went batshit crazy and is living in the mountains hoarding guns and food for the Zombpocalypse. Least I got a place to run to if that shit ever hits the fan.

Holy crap, that English department mixer was a real Zombpocalypse. Let's hit a bar - I need a stiff drink in a place with a pulse.
by Lex Sleuthor August 30, 2009
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