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The made-up medical term to describe the way a teenage girl always complains about being fat or ugly. Also used as the acronym TGS. Tell a girl it's a medical condition and it's all over with. Trust me
Girl: I'm so fat and ugly. No wonder boys don't like me!
Boy: Well, for one, you're not fat. But you do have chronic and severe TGS.
Girl: TGS?
Boy: Teenage Girl Syndrome.
by Church Of Kaleb July 12, 2005
. A person, usually a female, addicted to the substance methamphetamine, or crank. They usually look really dirty and skinny. Hince, crank skank
I was in Wal-Mart the other day when a crank skank was in front of me and was $1.08 short. Instead of putting an item back, she walked around the store asking people for money. She was all strung out, too. What a crank skank
by Church Of Kaleb June 25, 2005
1. Short for the phrase "mind-enhanced-state."
2. Short for the phrase "mind-enhancing-substance."
1. Man, I'm in a real MES right now.
2. Say, do you have any MES that I could purchase kind sir?
by Church Of Kaleb June 21, 2005
1. adj. Under the influence of marijuana; high
Let's go get flat tonight.
by Church of Kaleb August 27, 2005
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