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An act of anger towards a malfunctioning lap-top computer. The user deposits a turd on the keyboard and squashes it into the screen and keys by pressing it shut, much like cooking with a Foreman Grill.
My notebook froze up for the last time today. I destroyed it by performing the George Foreman Grill.
by Chumley April 10, 2006
virgin, has not yet had sexual intercourse, not "broken in"
"look kates still got her v plates"
"yeah but she takes it in the arse instead!"
by chumley September 17, 2003
A red neck hillbillie who is so inbred that his uncle is also his mom
this is my sister and our three lovely children
by chumley September 17, 2003
semen, mood sauce, or baby batter
The verizon wireless employee was electricuted when he shot a load of two-ball compound into the light-bulb socket.
by chumley February 17, 2005
spanglish slang:
1 By very little; Hardly
2 event recently occurred
I berley touched her.
I berley got here.
by chumley June 03, 2004
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