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Too Much.
comes from a mistranslation from english to spanish. literal translation: "two much"
She is doing dos muchos with all that make-up. (As in, she is going overboard to try to impress others)
by Chuggs619 July 18, 2008
a shortened, americanized bastardation of the samoan word "fa'afetai", meaning thank you.

pronounced: fahfs (-ah as in "father" not "apple")
person1: can you pass the salt
person2: (passes salt)
person1: faafs.
by Chuggs619 July 18, 2008
A variation of a cupcake(person) who cupcakes but is in denial of it.

A title used in an attempt to make cupcaking acceptable.

(Origin: the "muffin" version of a cupcake. and instead of a muffcake, the "c" changed to an "m" for alliteration.)
I don't cupcake, I muffmake.
by Chuggs619 July 18, 2008
a variation of fagbag that leaves behind the political incorrectness, but delivers the same blow.

a lame
Don't be such a wagbag. Take the shot!
by Chuggs619 July 18, 2008
describes somebody who performs oral sex daily.

(origin: the word is a hybrid of "bobbing" and "popular".)
Check out that girl's lips, i bet she's bobular.
by Chuggs619 July 18, 2008
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