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To feel the negative effects of Drugs..
After tripping on two hits of LSD.. I was sketchin really hard after the party.. I felt like shit...
by chuckthefuk January 15, 2006
One who willfully or maliciously defaces or destroys public or private property.

A graffiti writer may have similarities to a vandal but they are considered vandalists since most of there message is displayed through ART.

That kid over there is taggin the bus stop, stupid little vandal.
by chuckthefuk January 20, 2006
A type of graffiti style that is complex and hard to read. Often found on Burners.

Usually the letters will intertwine within itself and often other shapes and lines that have no relation to the letters will overlap or intertwine within each letter. Causing a very "busy" look to the peice.
I just finished a 8 color wild style freight. Solid black outlines with green and yellow fades for the fill..
by chuckthefuk January 18, 2006
Similar to Vandal

Someone who expresses themselves by creating markings or images on bus stops/buses/train stations/trains/walls/glass Etch /benches/etc... A Vandalist will use Graffiti to explorer there potential creativity and make a name for themselves. True Vandalist are considered all city writers who will mark almost anything from North to South to East to West of the city.

Vandalists are authority-resistant and try to spread there message to the people.
Alfah/Alpha was a true Vandalist he was one of Toronto's All City writters.
by chuckthefuk January 15, 2006
The action of a turbo spinning up to a set RPM.
That guy in the Skyline was just spoolin his turbo for those girls.
by chuckthefuk January 18, 2006
An enlarged crayon (usually two or tree times larger then a average crayon) that can be written on almost any surface, commonly used among graffiti writers vandalist.

Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass, etc..

Also it can be used on almost any surface even if wet or oily.
Tagged a park bench in the rain with my vandal sticks.
by chuckthefuk January 17, 2006

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