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To feel the negative effects of Drugs..
After tripping on two hits of LSD.. I was sketchin really hard after the party.. I felt like shit...
by chuckthefuk January 15, 2006
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To be sketchy
by dave April 24, 2003
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driving around to peoples houses without there knowledge. filming of this is not required but always fun
person 1: i wonder why he said he couldn't hang out
person 2: dude let's go sketchin' by his house and see if he's still there
by mishaloon November 25, 2009
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To be "text messaging" a term coined in Gulf Breeze, Florida, "sketchin'" is a term commonly used among teens to sound cool.
Olivia: "Who you sketchin'?"
Josh: "Matt, Katie, and YOU!"
by queenfrostine January 26, 2011
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