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Nickname for Speedcubing record holder Shotaro Makisumi. He is also popularly known as the "quickest cuber on the planet" and currently holds seven Asian records according the the WCA (World Cube Association), and has held seven world records in the past.

Here are some of his records:
* 3x3x3 Speedsolve: 12.11 seconds
* 3x3x3 Speedsolve Average of 5: 14.03 seconds
* 3x3x3 Blindfolded: 138.58 seconds
* 3x3x3 One-handed: 23.76 seconds
* 3x3x3 One-handed Average of 3: 27.56 seconds
Macky one of the elite when it comes to Speedcubing. Anyone who can solve the Rubik's Cube in an average time of 15 seconds or less deserves that rank.
by Penbiks September 16, 2006
60 18
a dude who is a pimp with the ladies, and fucks bitches all the time
that mackey over there is the dude
by nedro May 16, 2005
60 43
Another word for poo.
"Whoa! I left a big Macky in the toilet!"

"Dude, you have some macky on you shoe.
by Adam! June 01, 2004
53 63
(adj.)some one who is refered to as a p.i.m.p. or a dude; someone who has a great sense of humor.
that kid macking all the girls over there is a "mackey".
by tommy jr May 14, 2005
27 43
a man or child who is a very typical laid back type person. A very outgoing person and is also known for being a chick-magnet
The child, with the a girl on both his arms, is definitly a mackey.
by gansta May 14, 2005
23 43
someone who is a bloody spastic
and cant talk rite and has some sort of problem
spastic, retard
by Andy May 01, 2003
26 50
West Country word for big or massive - similar to girt
damn that girl's got a well macky mouth on her!
by DigitalSensation October 28, 2006
11 38