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The crystals that contain T.H.C. from a marijuana cannabis plant.

Kief or crystals when seperated from the marijuana (leaf, stem, flower buds) resemeble a yellow powder.

Kief or crystals can be compressed, heated and rolled to create hash / hashish.

If smoked in powder form the user will experince a more intense high then regular marijuana.

If smoked in hash form the user will experince a more mellow body high

I smoked a huge bowl of kief in my bong when I ran out of buds.
#weed #hash #pot #crystals #thc
by chuckthefuk January 17, 2006
A word commonly used by guidance’s councilor Mr. Macky from South Park that refers to okay..

On another note m'kay might be linked to the creators of South Park - Matt Stone / Trey Parker and there love of K / Ketamine

Drugs are bad m'kay.....
#south park #mr. macky #ketamine #k #drugs
by chuckthefuk January 19, 2006
D-lysergic acid amide (Similar to LSD )

A hallucinogenic chemical found in natural plants such as Morning Glory seeds and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Very weak compared to LSD and produced closed eye visuals and a strong body high. Depending on the dosage LSA can produce hallucinations similar to a small dosage of LSD or Shoorms / Mushrooms that contain psilcybin, psilocin, or baeocystin.

If not prepared correctly LSA can cause severe stomach paints and nausea.

LSA should be prepared with baker’s chocolate for best results.

LSA Usually last for 6-12 hours depending on the dosage.

Average dosage:

Morning Glory = 300-600 Seeds ( size of poppy seeds )
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds = 5-9 ( size of nerd candy )
LSA gave me some visuals for a few hours.
#hawaiian baby woodrose seeds #mornign glory #lsd #shrooms #hallucinogenic
by chuckthefuk January 17, 2006
The action of writting a Graffiti writters Tag.
I just got back from taggin the 8th street bridge..
#graffiti #vandal #tag #writter #hip-hop
by Chuckthefuk January 15, 2006
the action of connecting two devices so they can communicate with each other.
I just hooked up two computers with a router and I'm sharing my printer. How do you like that! Cheap and easy networking.
#computer #communication #share #connecting #pc
by chuckthefuk January 20, 2006
A clothing company with soul thats based on the ancient and sacred philosophies of kung-fu.

"Drunknmunky represents all those who are not afraid to be who they want to be."

Quality is top notch. Rivals Triple 5 Soul (555) and Ecko

Style is mostly Urban/Hip-Hop/Ancient and very comfortable.

Every year Drunknmunky adds the Chinese zodiac animal that corresponds with the year.

Every Hoody includes a stash pocket behind the tag.

You can find this label online @ drunknmunky.com or retails like boathouse or winners.

Expect to pay $70 for a hoody unless you can find an ebay deal.
I just bought a sick drunknmunky sweater, the tag reads "2004 the year of the monkey"
#hoody #ecko #clothing #comfort #urban
by chuckthefuk January 18, 2006
One who willfully or maliciously defaces or destroys public or private property.

A graffiti writer may have similarities to a vandal but they are considered vandalists since most of there message is displayed through ART.

That kid over there is taggin the bus stop, stupid little vandal.
#vandalist #tag #vandalism #spray paint #markers #taggin
by chuckthefuk January 20, 2006
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