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Man or Woman, but more suited towards the female sex. A middle aged woman who has had ALOT of cock and has children to show as a result, thus showing a true mastering of the cock. Typically has had so much cock that the vagina and anus have merged as one orrifice as a result of wear.
The Yoda of the cock world.
'This woman in the pub is 47, she has had 4 husbands and 6 children by all different men, she is a true cock master'
by Christoph November 13, 2004
Man or Woman. Using underhanded measures to get cock. e.g. date rape drugs, and alcohol. Normally a result of being ugly and having to resort to extreme measures to get cock. - Trying to get cock by trickery, rather than flashing tits or pussy in the normal manner.
'that ugly slag got me pissed and shagged me, there is no way I would of touched her, she is such a cock fiend'
by Christoph November 13, 2004
A person who leaves their jobby's (shit) and doesn't flush them away.
I just walked into the high school toilet and found some jobbymungler had been in there.
by Christoph November 05, 2003
(UK) Cornish for 'Friend'.
Wasson' me' cockbird! Oooh arrr
by Christoph April 16, 2005
A lesson in college and a word of caution for all you skiers out ther. if you want a more in depth explanation of this particular term contact Chris Marsh and he will explain all.
Somebody dead from skiing
by Christoph January 08, 2004
A very gay man
Yamene takes it in the ass
by Christoph April 07, 2004
The act of a man using his penis to penetrate another mans anus in a dodgy style so that there semen tanks slap together. Hence, 'slapping tanks'.
Bob and George have been togther for 6 years now. Not my idea of fun mind, not really one for tank slapping.
by Christoph October 26, 2005

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