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A hottie from the state of Georgia.
(refers to the taste and texture of an actual GA peach, soft and smooth on the outside and sweet n juicy on the inside.)
When i was on Spring Break i met the cutest Georgia Peach.
by Christian Robinson March 21, 2004
When a girl says you can come on her face, then suddenly jerks her head to avoid the skeet.
I cant believe that cumdodging bitch didnt let me skeet skeet skeet goddamn!
by Christian Robinson February 26, 2004
Type of sexual position in which you doggy style a girl with only one leg while you beat her in the back/head with her prosthetic leg.
Mark went to the special olympics and pick up a fit one legged runner and brought her back to his house. Dude that guy totally skinned that girl.
by Christian Robinson April 13, 2005
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