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1. To further affirm an activity that would define one as a pimp.

2. To permorm an action that would require the phrase 'pimpin' or 'pimp' to fully describe it's coolness.
1. Wow, Dave's picking up ladies pimpishly!

2. Harry took a drag on his cigarette, pimpishly.
by ChrisO_D March 09, 2006
In a given activity, women will be expected to go first.
1. Given that the starting order was anti-cockwise, Jane was confident she could maintain the lead.

2. John, being polite, preferred to take an anti-cockwise approach to social situations.
by ChrisO_D January 04, 2007
When a person's chins reach such a mass that they drop to the ankles and become ambiguous.
Woah, that chick has chingles!

You'd better watch out, or you'll trip over your chingles.

by ChrisO_D August 12, 2006

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