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Term used to make fun of rednecks in public without their knowledge.
When seeing a redneck or group of rednecks, one yells "Party at Randy's!"
by chrismiller July 27, 2006
Something Brice Bynum would do in high-school. He would pull his pants up Steve Erkel style then unzip them, revealing a hairy fatty area around his belly button that resembles a woman's hairy vagina = BRIcevaGINA
"Today in Rominger's class, Brice showed us his brigina."
by ChrisMiller February 16, 2006
Fishing from the bank of a river or lake(or possibly a bridge) with a cane pole, as often seen in the southern U.S.

Typically, this is done only by black people who are too poor to own a boat.
Did you see those guys nigger fishing last night? I bet they didn't catch anything.
by chrismiller March 02, 2006

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