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The magnificent and rarely seen art of female ejaculation.
That can result in a spurt of lady love juice that can also be mistaken for urine...but strangely smells of rose water
when Eddie Lock was watching his porn collection he noticed the girl spurt and he made a big wank,resulting in wrist seziure(similar to Jamie Hales)
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
An individual male or female,that is without concience and has severe social disorders.
These can appear in booze and boot abuse (usually combined)and are normally associated with bizarre sexual behaviour, ridiculous dancing,and severe bouts of wanking often in public and hotel balconies,and constant references to anything anal such as fucking butt and bum wee.....
She loves it up the shitter that bint is a total wrongun
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
The forgotten art of cock spinning. Simply hold your semi-flaccid member at the base and twirl in a clockwise motion. It's important to achieve optimum size and weight for the best results.
he stood on stage and done a helicoptor to the crowd, twas marvellous
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
rectal collapse caused by repeated abuse of the rectum from cock or other phallic devices, resulting in an abundance of tissue resembling a red cauliflower
the dirty whore's arse fell out...red cauliflower
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
Based on the legendary cat, Bagpuss, a fagpuss is an extremely fat and ugly homosexual that occasionaly meows and plays rugby
christopher 'bloody' biggins
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
Based on an anal explosion during the civil war in 1386, Capt. Donald Rumkinson of the 3rd dragoons lost ten of his best infantry men to bum wee when they were caught short and shot by the enemy whilst their rear ends were exposed. It is basically pissing from the arse and can strike at anytime, but is usual after a heavy night of booze, boot and greasy food.
He had bum wee and lost his lunch
by Chris and Stan September 22, 2004
After Anal intercourse with your good lady somtimes an unwanted bum nugget can appear on your foreskin.
simply wipe on your bed linnen to create the perfect tiger stripe...
I did her up the shitter and perfomed a classic Tiger stripe dirty fuckin shit ass bitch
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004

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