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A combination of Chya and Tight.
Chya Tight Chya Tight.....
by Chris West January 14, 2004
When you are talking to somone and they state the obvious tell them to prove it. I will confuse them therfore leading them to ask questions.

Prove it can be used to confuse, irriatate, or just for fun when board.
(got this from my brother)
scottpenn13: prove it
L o o pdloop00: prove what!?!?
scottpenn13: "it"
L o o pdloop00: you cant prove IT
scottpenn13: do you know what you are trying to pove?
L o o pdloop00: no
scottpenn13: then how do you know you cant prove it
L o o pdloop00: it is a pronoun as in nonexistant unless it is put into actual being, therefore, IT cannot be proved unless the term IT is proved itself.
L o o pdloop00: HA
L o o pdloop00: BEAT THAT
scottpenn13: you suck
by Chris West September 02, 2004
for something to be extremly excelent or for one person to be in high power or very important
Yes this game is excellency.

Yes your excellency i will get your glass of water
by Chris West April 07, 2005
A combination between stupid and doofus.

Mike Skattum and I though of it about a year ago.
you arnt stupid and you arn't a doofus.

You are a stufus you
by Chris West April 07, 2005
another way to say dude or bloke
I will see you later peace jeek
by Chris West April 07, 2005
An alternate for of laughing or typing lol, haha, hehe, etc.
More tubs are added for the amount of laughter
"hey look at that"
"Ewww thats ugly"
by Chris West January 11, 2004
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