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A person who loves to put the male penis in their mouth and attempt to swallow it. A gay man who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about the male anatomy, specifically the penis.
A woman who can swallow a large cock easily and always wants more.
That cockgobler kept staring at my crotch and talking about how she loves giving head.
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
A witty comeback that shows a certain flair for being quick on ones feet. The act of being witty
"It's huge" she said, referring to the surf, and I responded with a witicism by looking down at my zipper and turning slightly away, stating " is it showing, how embarrasing"
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
A loud explosion of feces that litterally blows out your ass, sending small drops of liquid poop all over the inside of the toilet bowl.
After the double cappucino, I ran to the bathroom and did a "splatter the bowl" in my friends toilet.
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
The state of being extremely tweeked or high on methamphetamines to the point of insanity.
Jessica and Jill went up the hill, spadackled to the nines, Jill got laid, jessica got paid, and Mikey got pulled over by the DEA.
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
A tweeker, who spends countless hours performing mundane repetitive tasks such as cleaning, picking at their face, and never quite finishing anything except their bag of tweek
That Jessica is such a sprackler, did you know that she worked on the computer for 18 hours straight and it still doesn't work right?
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
The state a person is in when they have been (tweeking) all night long, depriving themselves of sleep and food and water, chain smoking. The feeling a person has when he is either high on Crystal Methamphetamine.
That Sprackler is sprung , spun and done after he smoked an 8-ball of crystal methamphetamine and proceeded to peek out my blinds until dawn.
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
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