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The turbo 4-wheel drive version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse.
god damn that GSX just burned out on all four wheels!
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
An early turbocharged sports car built by Mitsubishi in the mid/late-80's, the forerunner of the Eclipse. Legend has it that it was named "Starion" because of japanese mispronunciation of the English "Stallion," IE a car to compete with the Ford Mustang.
(in japanese accent:) Oh! I like starion horses!

Junkyards are full of Starion intercoolers, if you're willing to do some fabrication, you can fit one in your Eclipse.
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
The turbo version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, manufactured 1989-present. 1G 1989-1994 models lack GST badging but still have a turbo.
Damn that GST just kicked my Civic ass.
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
Mystery switch on a Dover elevator.
Look, there's a HWENAB switch. WTF does that do, anyway?
by Chris Tipton-King July 15, 2004
Code name for the second generation Power Macintosh G4 case design.
I have a dual 800 quicksilver that's starting to feel slow.
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
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