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Gay Standard Time

15 minutes late for everything.
"Coming in late isn't a problem; my boss understands that I'm on GST, and is just thankful that I'm not on drag queen time."
by Unixfag September 22, 2006
The turbo version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, manufactured 1989-present. 1G 1989-1994 models lack GST badging but still have a turbo.
Damn that GST just kicked my Civic ass.
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
Gouging and Screwing Tax; invented by Brian Mulroney's 1993 Progressive Conservatives = 7%; see also Canadians, eh, Goods and Services Tax; temporary measures; bad polictal moves
1)You item costs $10 plus 7.5% provincial tax, plus 7% GST.

2)"Progressive Conservative" Party lose catastrophically, with GST the main issue. Conservative Party goes from governing party to a minority too small to be official any more: an unprecedented rejection! (from Sales Tax Suicide)
by AGC September 03, 2003
Giggles softly to self.
After reading a new funny post on lamebook, I took a gsts.

Dude you just GSTS'd all over my keyboard.
by That other one kid April 03, 2010
The acronym of the word: Got Something To Say.
I was talking in the GSTS forum, because I was bored.
by cpt. awesome33121 June 03, 2009
"Grove Street" gang in the city on wisconsins west coast. w/ Nate Dog and TC leadin.
What up G.ST. give me your wallet fool.
by Top Cop November 28, 2006
1. Goods and Services Tax. A value added tax, added as a percentage to the cost of everything.
2. Get Shitfaced and Throw up. A party where excessive drinking is encouraged, to the point of emesis.
I hear the government introduced a GST, so I'll have to pay an extra 10% for the keg I'm buying for tonight's GST party.
by Swamp Ig June 04, 2007
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