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Expression of great joy in natural or artificial intoxication. Created by Michelle Hunnicutt
Dude, Im high as a kite and twice as purple.
by Chris Calvert April 16, 2004
North Cape May Dirt Ball

Expression used to describe a person of poor hygene or character who lives in north cape may, NJ.
That guy's a frickin' NCMDB, what a loser.
by Chris Calvert April 16, 2004
Altered to make sense only to those who are completely intoxicated, avid users of marijuana.
The altered state of complete intoxication by an avid marijuana user
He Joey'd that up so bad.

You are so Joey'd right now.
by Chris Calvert April 16, 2004
To totally and completely lose control when rocking out. (see def. for Rock Out) and to do so with full force and reckless abandon so much so that all others in the vicinity take notice and follow suit.
He can totally rock out like the magickest.
by Chris Calvert April 17, 2004
Generation X: Wrestling faction of the Anarchist Wrestling Federation, Cape May County, NJ chapter.
A.K.A. the OTCRN or Organization That Chooses to Remain Nameless
Face the wrath of the members of GX.
Witness the return of GX
by Chris Calvert April 16, 2004
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