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8 definitions by Choggie

The novel activity executed on an escalator, whereby subject lies rigid with mid to lower back touching both handrails moving in opposing directions, and spinning slowly around in place.
"That escalopter ride had that old lady tripping over herself when she saw it. Mall security took our pictures on closed-circuit tv's. I stole this Prada coin purse."
by Choggie July 10, 2008
Spontaneous and unexpected projectile vomiting frequently brought-on in humans through substance or bacterial ingestion. Instances occur suddenly and are most noted for a stream-like ejection of stomach contents.
A trip to the Thai place and an hour later had a pint, then ditched a power toss like Linda Blair three feet into a dart board!
by choggie August 26, 2013
A form of illusory government whereby a small percentage of the population govern a heard of willing morons while both enslaving them and pilfering the fruits of their labor as to enrich themselves all the while convincing their victims (the citizenry) indefinitely, of the wonder and joy of being penetrated from behind without lubrication.
The United States Of Unconsciousness

"Hipsters and bankers, priests and surgeons, welder, waiter and square, all Americans have their Kleptoplutacratic keepers to thank for their somnambulism."
by choggie February 12, 2013
Any event or situation wrought from a combination of misanthropic activity, greed, and suicidal tendencies.
Anyone with at least one-quarter brain function and an unclogged auditory canal can see the snafubar that would result from those two ever having children; Calling Major Clusterfukishima!
by choggie July 11, 2011
1. Any substance, organism, or artificially produced form, sharing simultaneously the properties of both liquids and solids.
“Hey, that sliquidy stuff you got there may just turn into the next competing patent; Jakes announced his published peremptory of the “ slolid” last week at that conference... what you’ve got there’s’ a lolid.”
by choggie May 01, 2011
1. A feat defying gravity or other laws of physics, similar to that of a character in the films in the Matrix Trilogy.

2. Any instance of super-human ability that sets one individual apart from the herd, that looks impossible to replicate, by the other monkey spectators.
"I watched the chick in the car I was following on the freeway, pull a Neo, as she jumped from her car, out the window, into the open window of a car in next lane. Then I got her number...."
by Choggie December 31, 2007
Lungcore describes a fusion of traditional hardcore American punk rock and improvisational free form jazz and funk, whose compositional framework is rooted in woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Grungejazz; Punkhorn.
That Lungcore show had this band with four tubas, three trombones, a couple of twins playing Baritone saxes, and a dude blowing into some kind of barrel with a weather balloon coming out of it!
by choggie December 05, 2009