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4 definitions by Chilifest

A girl that looks good a block away, but when she gets closer......damn!
Check out the girl accross the street she looks good, here she comes. Damn, bitch is a blocker!
by Chilifest March 12, 2009
After anal sex, a blow-job is given.
Your mom got freaky with me last night and gave me a poop dick blow-job!
by Chilifest March 12, 2009
The unintentional capturing of a good looking female, or male via camera or camera phone.
Dude, you caught a piece of camera candy when you took that pic at the club.
by chilifest March 20, 2009
The term for male semen. Cock and balls are also refered to as "junk", semen, is sometimes refered to as spunk. Creating junky spunky.
After this chick gave me a blow job, I shot my junky spunky on her face.
by Chilifest March 15, 2009