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3 definitions by Cheesehoven

Brown stains left down the back of underpants after a badly wiped crap, in other words skidmarks.
MUM: Ya ought ta learn ta wipe yer arse better, Bruno. Ya left a serious bovril barcode on yer white pants.
by Cheesehoven May 26, 2007
4 0
Noun. A man (usually) who is constantly on the look out for attractive young women or 'talent' to conquer.
Cate: Watch out for him. He's the local talent scout.
by Cheesehoven May 21, 2007
5 3
Auto fellatio. Sucking your own penis.
John's in his bedroom blowing his own trumpet.
Are you big enough to be capable of blowing your own trumpet?
by Cheesehoven May 21, 2007
28 34