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To boast about oneself, to speak very proudly and positively about oneself. In AmE, "to blow one's own horn"
John is blowing his own trumpet again, he is telling everyone he is the best sales manager of our Company.
by Evuski May 10, 2006
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For one person to be standing in front of disintersted people bragging about how much of a champion he is at everthing he does, whilst the others listening are thinking of how much af a loser he really is.
Tony : when I was I the army I was Sargent of 11 people bla bla bla, and I did this.... and I did that.....bla bla bla.
Greg (thinking):here we go, he is blowing his own trumpet again. you are really an absolute moron,,,what a dickhead.
by strateShot October 27, 2008

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