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implying something large, thick, wet, or inflated.
"look at that juicey hamburger"
"she had such a juicey rack"
by Chase Englund January 17, 2008
Implying a bad situation, object or result of an action. Orginated in Glenmoore, PA, by local legends chase and weston.
"that test was soo much death"
"DEATH! i stubbed my toe!"
"you're such a little death"
"looks like you're in for a night of death"
by Chase Englund January 17, 2008
Err originated as Airsoft, then to errsoft, then to the simple "err". It is used by players in glenmoore, PA. It implies a more savage form of combat.
"those pussy ass bitches only play airsoft, we play err"
"lets shoot some err this weekend"
by Chase Englund January 17, 2008

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