22 definitions by Charlie Golf

To defecate.
If I drink milk at breakfast I always have to bust a grump about 10:30.
by Charlie Golf April 27, 2004
When you leave a Cleveland Steamer on a chick's chest while simultaneously firing a load on her mug to give her a Angry Dragon or Salty Pirate.

You have to crouch over her like a Gargoyle.
Megan is such a slut. I think I'll give her The Nasty Gargoyle tonight.
by Charlie Golf April 04, 2005
The round fired into the head to insure that a mark is truly dead.
I didn't need to fire a security round because I double-tapped Osama in the forehead.
by Charlie Golf April 26, 2004
Female genitalia (aka poontang) that is so sweet, so fresh, and so beautiful that is should be made of gold.
Sara has Golden Tang.....I'm gonna do all I can to hit that.
by Charlie Golf April 19, 2004
1. When you are scared out of your wits that you are gonna get caught or in trouble for doing something you shouldn't be.

2. (Syn) Sweatin' like a whore in church.
Man I was driving home from the bar after some suds and when that cop turned his lights on behind me I was sweatin' like Michael Vick at a PETA rally!

by Charlie Golf October 01, 2007
When a girl masturbates.
If Sheila doesn't have a man she usually has to paw the gaunch before she can fall asleep. She also likes to punch the pie in the shower.
by Charlie Golf May 18, 2004
A vaginal fart or queef that a female expels from her "gulley."
Jennifer let loose with the sweetest gulley breeze when I pulled out
by Charlie Golf December 30, 2005
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